Roll Your Own Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes

Buying cigarettes every day or every payday is a necessary evil for a lot of us. Sure it’s bad for you, we all know the risks, but it’s something we enjoy and look forward to. Cigarettes help us relieve stress and take advantage of smoke breaks on the job. Of course cigarettes are addicting but many of us made the choice long ago to be smokers and have been ever since.

To help offset the expensive price of name brand pre-packaged cigarettes like Marlboro, roll your own’s are a great option. You can usually get two or three times the amount of cigarettes for the same price and depending on the tobacco; they can actually taste better than expensive brands. If you add in a rolling machine that uses cigarette tubes, you end up with a roll your own that looks just like a regular cigarette.

A great thing about roll your own tobacco is you have complete freedom over what you’re actually smoking. There’s organic tobacco, special blends and even combinations of flavors. This customization is a big draw but it can take some getting used to if you’ve smoked a particular pack for years.

Roll Your Own Savings

Buying bulk tobacco from a smoke shop or online can save you more than you might think. A pound of tobacco in 2012 sells for around $30 after taxes and you can roll roughly 450 cigarettes and that’s a little over two cartons worth. Typical cheap cigarettes will cost close to $50 for a carton. You simply can’t deny that you’re saving a ton by doing it this way.

Naturally, where you live will have a big impact on prices so your best bet might be to simply order your tobacco online where prices are very competitive. You can often find packs that contain a pound of tobacco plus enough tubes to roll it all up. If you’re a heavy smoker, you’ll pay about $2000 annually for brand name packs as opposed to about $600 or $800 if you roll them yourself.

Consider Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are becoming extremely popular among smokers who are looking to save some money and eliminate some of the health risks associated with normal smoking. With an electronic you’re cutting out all those harmful chemicals and instead are inhaling and exhaling water vapor while getting all the nicotine you’re used to.

Prices of electronic cigarettes vary depending on the brand and style you get but after the initial investment of $30-$100, you’re going to pay between $300 and $500 per year for refills. You can cut that price in half by using e-juice to refill your cartridges instead.

You can see the difference with these two options compared to expensive pre-packaged cigarettes right away and there’s really no comparison if you want to save a few bucks. Both rollies and e-cigs offer good alternatives and you could even use both at once so you’re able to smoke in places normal smoking isn’t allowed.